Monday, June 19, 2006


* i had a pointless little battle over at dkos yesterday with a couple of concern-troll morans - including one who wrote: "But you are being no different than Bush, who you claim not to like." (I hadn't even mentioned Bush, mind you).

In any case, DKos has some info on one of the guys who is called "anonymous army" - there's some serious fucked-up-ness. Remember Andy Stephenson - the Voting-rights activist that was working with Bev Harris? Here's SeattleWeekly:
Stephenson became ill in January, and months of treatment followed. In April, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Like the fighter he was, Stephenson was determined to beat the disease and decided to have surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. But he was out of work and without insurance, and Hopkins requires payment in full for out-of-state, uninsured patients. So Stephenson's online community raised $50,000 for him over the Internet. San Francisco's Elisabeth Ferrari led the effort, raising the money in just 12 days. It was a tribute to his political work and another demonstration of the power of the Internet. But it also spawned a bizarre Web campaign that accused Stephenson of faking his illness to scam money.
Those accusations? They were created by our new friend anonymousarmy. He started a site called, posted fake documents claiming that Stephenson wasn't sick at all - and generally launched an all out attack - delaying the operation, harrassing the hospital when he was there. JH even sent him home early cos they couldn't deal with it JH even asked him to move to another facility becuase of the harassment (updated)- and Stephenson died of a post-op infection not long afterwards.

anonymousarmy and his friends even tried to get the FBI on the case.

I wonder who is paying them to attack everyone.

Re Leopold, AA writes:
Goodness gracious. What a slime ball.
pot, kettle.


Anonymous said...

Are you fucking retarded you two faced piece of shit.

Fake document? JH even sent him home early cos they couldn't deal with it?

Who the fuck told you these pack of lies?

JH kicked someone out of hospital because they were being harassed?

Do you realize how fucking stupid that makes you look?

You better learn how to investigate if you want to last as a blogger.

Start by learning how to ask tough questions you fuckin suck up.

Kathleen said...

Anonymous: YESSSSSS!