Friday, March 16, 2007

consider yourself Americanized

* rimone:
"Andre Maurois: ‘When you become used to never being alone, you may consider yourself Americanized.’"

* i've been meaning to say 'i bet there's a problem with KSM's confession wrt the dates or something.' - Larisa appears to have found it.

* henley:
'If (KSM) didn’t say “mistakes were made,” then he didn’t really take responsibility."

* mizgin:
"When you come right down to it, Michael Rubin is nothing more than a whore because in his business, the ideology follows the money. In this case the money is well represented by the financial backers of the AEI and it's organizational relative, the ATC. "


rimone said...

thanks for the pity fuck, i mean pity-link, Luke. xxx

ps, i can't help it if i'm so shallow that having a good time superceded my idiotic attempts to save the world

lukery said...

trying to save the world is sooooo unrewarding.

have a great time, babe.

rimone said...

boo fuckin hoo----i'm not to go to Portugal w/them tonight for the weekend cos the damn logistic details still haven't been sent from the Portuguese festie.

I COULD SCREAM--just off the phone w/Mark and HE. IS. PISSED.

ps, 'saving the world' was rewarding AFAIC when i had something funny to mock (the outrage which i used to chronicle somehow inured me to later outrage). lately it's all so serious and dangerous and frightens me even more.

hey you! preznit AWOL! fall off yer fucking bike or slip on a banana peel or something. or at least show up w/some new bruises and gimme something to do. bastard! lol