Sunday, March 18, 2007

the rest of the world is either laughing at the US government...

* PCR:
"Reading responses of BBC listeners to (KSM's) Mohammed's confession reveals that the rest of the world is either laughing at the US government for being so stupid as to think that anyone anywhere would believe the confession or damning the Bush regime for being like the Gestapo and KGB.
If there was anything remaining of the Bush regime not already discredited, Mohammed's confession removed any reputation left.

The most important part of the Mohammed story is yet to make the headlines. Despite having held and tortured hundreds of detainees for years in Gitmo, and we don't know how many more in secret prisons around the world, the US government has come up with only 14 "high value detainees."

In other words, the government has nothing on 99 percent of the detainees who allegedly are so dangerous and wicked that they must be kept in detention without charges, access to attorneys and contact with families.
The US government does not care that innocent people have been ensnared, because the US government desperately needs both to prove that there are vast numbers of terrorists and to demonstrate its proficiency in protecting Americans by capturing terrorists. Moreover, the US government needs "dangerous suspects" that it can use to keep Americans in a state of supine fearfulness and as a front behind which to undermine constitutional protections and the Bill of Rights.

The Bush-Cheney Regime succeeded in its evil plot, only to throw it all away by releasing the ridiculous confession by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Will Bush's totalitarian Military Tribunal now execute Mohammed on the basis of his confession extracted by torture, or would this be seen everywhere on earth as nothing but an act of murder?

If Bush can't have Mohammed murdered, the US government will have to shut Mohammed away where he cannot talk and tell his tale. The US government will have to replicate Orwell's memory hole by destroying Mohammed's mind with mind-altering drugs and abuse.

It is to such depths that George Bush and Dick Cheney have lowered America."


Anonymous said...

First and foremost, thank you for endless effort in pointing toward the truth! Mohammed's mind is far beyond reach. (not unlike bush and cheney's) The psycho-active therapy had begun 48 hours after his capture. Its over for this one. The weakness of the Scowcroft Group is their ignorance and isolation, trust in time.

lukery said...

thnx for the words of support!

scowcroft et al's days are numbered...

Anonymous said...

"In the testimony posted here (beware, pdf file) Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claimed he wanted to blow up a bank in Washington State that didn't exist until 2006:"

Plaza Bank was founded in 2006.
Great blog here, thank you.

lukery said...


yeah, larisa was on top of this too

Mizgîn said...

Given what I know about the widespread, governmental-protected, use of torture by security forces in the US "Model of Democracy" and good Israeli ally, Turkey, I think it's hilarious that the stupid American media actually published anything about KSM's "confessions."

It's even more hilarious that Americans would be stupid enough to believe any of it from such a seriously compromised source--both the US government AND US media.

I think the US needs to engage in the same level of torture against its own citizens as America's "Model of Democracy" does against its citizens, so that the public can gain sorely needed first-hand experience of the matter.

I mean, if the US is going to be serious about this whole Global War on Terror, Inc. business, it should be consistent in the matter of torture.

lukery said...

mizgin, i think you are right. i'm offended by the 'We're torturing our own citizens!' thing.