Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hastert vs Hayden

* rollcall:

* Harpers: "“The turf-battle line is purely a cover story,” said a former CIA official I spoke with. “The reason they had to act now was because they were scared about what's going to come out about [the Cunningham scandal].”"

* "Intelligence insiders say that former CIA Director Porter Goss was given less than a day to pack his bags by new White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten" (link)

* TPMM "Well, now here's another weird thing about (nine fingers) Bassett: Just before he went to work for Goss at the committee, Brent Wilkes cut him a check for $5000. It's right there on his financial disclosure forms. In fact, his forms actually show two payments -- but it seems he may have reported the same check twice.
What was the money for? Even Brant didn't seem completely sure. First he called it an "honorarium," then he crossed that out on the disclosure form and wrote "consulting fee.""

* Ken: "Two former CIA officers told me that Foggo, Bassett, and a third man—a CIA official close to Goss, whose name I learned but am withholding because he remains undercover—have been friends for years and worked together overseas. According to these two sources, Bassett and the undercover officer (whom Goss brought up to the 7th Floor at Langley when he took over the CIA) positioned Foggo to be picked by Goss for the number-three slot. Perhaps more importantly, I'm told that Bassett, like Foggo, has connections to Wilkes."


calipendence said...

Hmm... Is Hastert campaigning to replace Bush in 2006? Perhaps he sees the writing on the wall, and wants to not have the impeachment train come after him in 2007 by distancing himself from Bush and this crowd now.

Nice piece from Wonkette an hour ago or so that ruminates on an "anonymous" email on whether the Duke-Stir was formerly known as the "Buoy Toy".


lukery said...

lol - how much fun would that be - impeach cheney and bush and then through hastert out the following day. he could be the shortest-tenured president ever!

the boat was indeed called that - although that was apparently before the Duke bought it.

calipendence said...

Hmm... Another thought occurred to me. I don't know if you saw that Hastert in effect nominated both Goss and Cheney for those awards recently. Now, this administration has a habit of giving awards or praising folks while they are on their way out the door (Tenet, Brown, etc., and now Goss).

Two things come to mind with Hastert's actions here. One, perhaps Goss was "helpful" at covering up his issues with Turkish campaign financiers, and Hayden is less inclined to help him there. That might make him more inclined to praise Goss, and condemn the choice of Hayden for CIA head. Could that mean we might get Hastert "exposed" now as a sacrificial lamb to get him pushed out as third in line for the presidential spot?

Could Hastert also be trying to push the idea of perhaps Cheney being the next to step down by having the award going to him, so that he might be the logical candidate (from his point of view) to be selected to replace Cheney should Cheney resign before December)?

Hastert's role in this seems curious to me.

lukery said...

good point. promoted to the FP.

the smart thing probably would have been for hastert to shut up and see which way the wind was blowing - but he was apparently told to object hayden. interesting dynamic.