Thursday, March 03, 2005

winds of chains

* some folk are grumpy that RepJohnson wants to go nuke syria. singlehandedly too.

* does anyone really believe that the neocons give a shit about the cedarites in lebanon?

* btw - how is iraq going, now that they are free not to have to vote again for a while..?

* there was a really cool interview on hardtalk (beeb) last thurs with the amgrunt who threatened to kill fellowamgrunts in an attempt to stop my lai. it was fascinating, and then i got dragged away and missed the rest of it. grrrrr. its not on their website unfortunately.

* Ray McGovern on attacking iran. read ray, as usual.

* speaking of iran, i think one of the posts that i lost t'other day was the one about a new swiftie book - by corsi i think - which makes the case that the moolahs have bought off all the dems. from what i gather, the book is finished, but they arent releasing it for a month. so just when 'we' are building up for the iranian war (june?), and protest by the dems will be positioned as 'the dems need to keep on the tehran tit'. nice.

* "`You get your troops and your secret services out of Lebanon so *that* good democracy has a chance to flourish," Bush said" blinky is such a fucking idiot. the *that* bit was like saying 'that good fellow', not 'so that...'. stupid fucking blinky.

* "How much oil is squandered in the struggle to secure it ?"

* "The war’s legality was an issue for the Blair government not due to any respect for international law, but because it feared future prosecution."

* donnash tees off on the egadmin over at

* socsec 'reform' looks broken. blinky hits the accelerator. what the hell is their plan? i made the same point a month ago... still no answers.

* in the 10commandments state/church case, one of the judges suggested 'atheists could always avert their eyes'. in separate news "Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) yesterday told the National Association of Broadcasters that indecency laws should cover cable and satellite broadcasters as well as the public airwaves." (its not obvious whether sirious is happy with their $100m deal with stern today). they are gonna come get the internet too kiddies. gonzales hates other people looking at porn.

* in2008 news, anti.crice is 12/1 to be repug nom, hillary is a remarkable 6/4 to be demnom, and a dem/repug win is equally split @ 50%. the repug list in order is mccain, giuliani, frist, owens, jeb, romney, rice. my sense is that mccain and giuliani are unlikely candidates. heres a tip for y'all: hillary will *NOT* be 44. she might be the demnom tho - altho strikes me i'd bet against the 6/4 all day. im sure the repugs would love to run against her - so we might get all dem opposition deanscreamed outta the way.

* moonietimes lead "To her detractors, Barbara Boxer, the diminutive Democratic senator from California, is an unladylike, publicity-seeking pit bull." a few paras down " To her supporters, her behavior is more brazen than bizarre." fair.and.balanced. nice to see they are pre-emptively trashing her - seems they are worried about something.

* "House Democrats say they will force a vote in the House Judiciary Committee to put the Republican majority on the record with regards to investigating discredited White House correspondent Jeff Gannon"

* re aarp/usanext on olbermann - i posted this "john - i remember reading somewhere that karl assumes that people watch tv with the sound turned down (hence the visual emphasis). with that in mind, and given that you are pr-ing for these guys, perhaps you might consider *trying* to get the shows to use a truncated version of the advert - specifically get 'the REAL AARP Agenda' text stripped off the bottom of the advert.
it might not be easy to achieve - but keith himself pointed out that simply covering the story might perpetuate the jarvis agenda." here

* ""It is said that faith can move mountains," Bush told more than 250 religious leaders providing social services in communities around the nation. "Here in Washington, D.C., those helping the poor and needy often run up against a big mountain called bureaucracy."" Dog should get a slot at mountrushmore.

* "Bush critics charge that the Rove-devised Social Security campaign is politically driven and may not even resolve the central funding issue facing the retirement system." yeah - bush's friends say the same thing.

* " President Bush on Tuesday threatened to impose controversial new policies to let federally funded religious charities make hiring decisions based on the religious beliefs of potential employees." FAGS CANT WORK HERE NO MORE. this fucking stealth stuff drives me crazy. scott wotsisname (boash or sumthink?) tried this last year with fed employees - not banning em cos they were gay - but banning em cos their lifestyle identified em as gay. grrrrrrrrrrr. go read if u are feeling brave.,1,6473487.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

* " It is Muslims who are accused of mistreating their women and refuse to allow them true equality. But which religion's representatives would rather bomb abortion clinics than tolerate the idea of a woman's right to choose? And while it is Muslims who are criticised for their intolerant attitudes to homosexuality would anyone like to hazard a guess at which religion is convulsed in arguments about gay marriage? If I really wanted to ram home the point I could also mention that while it was a Sikh play which grabbed headlines for tackling child abuse, by far the most widespread occurrences of child abuse have not been in mosques or gurdwaras, but in churches.",2763,1428280,00.html

* the wackojacko thing is doing my head in - it is on the beeb - even in the 2min updates at the halfhour. only 6 months to go... in other news - the beeb has a new slogan "putting news first"

* marymapes is selling her story. she stands by the dox. fascinating article. if u like this story. i picked this thing as rovian at day zero. this bit is curious "The original faxed copies of the Killian documents sent to CBS News were sent not by Mr. Burkett, but by Ms. Mapes." i didnt think burkett would be that dumb.
four moron years.


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