Thursday, April 28, 2005

bigtime purge

* fauxnews is still pushing the ms13 gang story - 'they are categorised with alqaida'

* idiot leeden: " instead of expanding (CIA) personnel — as the president requested and Congress obliged after the terrorist attacks three and a half years ago, and as the president again requested and Congress again obliged following the dreadful recommendations of the 9/11 Commission just before last year’s elections — we should drastically reduce manpower, and then, if necessary, slowly rebuild... The intelligence community needs a big-time purge" LINK
now, ive long argued that we'd all be a lot better off if the entire intelligence community was thrown on the scrap-heap - but we know what will happen if we follow leedens advice - goss would simply get rid of all the christian westermanns and leave the osp. good heavens. heil to the Executive.

* "The government through the media has embedded in the national mind a portrait of terrorists as sinister-looking, bearded Middle Easterners who pray five times a day and have a fondness for taking flying lessons.
The trial of Eric Rudolph might have given us another picture: fair-skinned, clean-cut men claiming to be Christians, wearing fatigues and speaking American English, not unlike you and me.
Taken a step further, a picture might even be drawn of a home-grown terrorist who embraces the culture of life and then uses the tools of the death to protect that culture. The parallels with a president who speaks in defense of the sanctity of life, yet has built his legacy on death penalties and two overseas wars might make the U.S. judiciary a bit too uncomfortable. " LINK

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