Tuesday, August 02, 2005

bolton (dis)appointment

* i dont really have much to say about the bolton (dis)appointment - as ive said all along, there are only 2 things that matter:
a) that he was nominated in the first place (which told us all we needed to know about the 2nd term - remember when we kept hearing about a new, softer approach?)
b) the damage we could do in the fight - and we did a lot of damage. bolton looks like an idiot, and everyone knows it. and bush looks like an idiot, and everyone knows it.

kudos to steve clemons. he is away at the moment and has some guest bloggers - but go read the responses there, try this one called "Winners, losers, lessons" or this one on 'bush's mysterious motives' - that of course, is the million dollar question - unfortunately, we'll soon know. i can almost guarantee that it isnt loyalty, and i can almost guarantee that it has nothing to do with 'reforming the UN'. the remaining possible reasons are fucking scary.

* or you can try tbogg:
"There can only be two reasons why the worst President in American history appointed the foot-stamping, tantrum-throwing, woman-abusing, serial-lying John Bolton to the UN.
One, he needs someone in the United Nations who, when we launch an air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, will stand up in the UN and say, "What are you gonna do about it, pussies? Fucking Euro-faggots." while Condoleeza Rice plays 'good cop' and explains that this was something we "had to do" more in sorrow than in anger...
In his chickenshit manner, Bush made the appointment, and then ran out of town. The only thing more consistent than Bush's arrogance, is his cowardice."

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