Wednesday, August 10, 2005

drugs before lunch?

* "A conservative group in Virginia said Tuesday it was withdrawing its support for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' confirmation because of his work helping overturn a Colorado referendum on gays.
"We can't take our limited resources and put it toward a candidate who is not a strict constructionist when we were told he is," Delgaudio said." (link)
so sweet.

* BostonGlobe op-ed: "How long before more Americans join (cindy sheehan) and the clamor invades the Bush castle -- and that other castle known as Congress?" (link)
ive been asking the same thing for how long???

* driftglass explains how repuglicans can lie so well. no snippett would do it justice.

* blinky held a press conference in crawford and could barely speak. doing drugs before lunch? vid here

* will the new recruiting numbers come out before friday?

* MoDo has returned to the fold - her return piece is totally disjointed, but u can see where she is headed. welcome back MoDo. (link)

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