Thursday, October 13, 2005

some impeachment poll references

update: details of our latest impeachment poll (nov 05) are here
here are some of the good people who have referenced our impeachment poll:

Just a Bump in the Beltway
Left I on the News
Why are we back in Iraq
Political Affairs

We will have another poll being released next week - probably monday - so check back here or over at AfterDowningStreet. And spread the word. We need to break through in to the public/media consciousness. (and if you blog about it, or see a reference that i dont have here - please put it in the comments and i'll add it to the list)


Cromwell said...

Everyone talks about how bad Fox news is, or how CNN did this or that.

I'm sorry, but this news, ie that most of America knows Bush lied and fabricated evidence and put on a huge show to convince Americans (and the world - unsuccessfully) that Iraq was involved somehow in 9/11 and WMD, AND that now polling shows America wants him impeached, is not being reported by any station.

Not one major channel, not one news show even mentions any of it. And they never mentioned the Downing street memos. The Entire American News Machine is a propaganda service and we all know it, the world knows it.

America used to be a free country, and now, mostly because it would just be too much trouble for you to do anything about it, a devastating armed force, a huge economy and once great country is becoming everything it has ever struggled and fought against.

Now, you are going to let them occupy America with troops for "quarantine," unheard of, and illegal for obvious reasons since the civil war.

I warn you now, allowing troops into the streets of America, to control your movements, will be the crossing of the Rubicon.

They are capable of anything. Look to the pictures of children in Iraq. They are capable of anything.

Anonymous said...

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