Wednesday, December 28, 2005

gilliard thinks bush and cheney will resign

* jane is equally concerned about Howard Kurtz saying "Some liberals..." re snoopgate - and with all this impeachment talk, she ends her post thusly: "Someone check Richard Morin for sharp objects." (link)
i luvvit. poor Richard. I'd hate to see his head explode.

* amazingly, Robert Fisk has an article in the american media (link)

* here is a lovely review of Blinky's year, analogised in boxing-match form. go read.

* gilliard agrees with me that the sheehan episode may have been the mo' when the dynamic changed for the assministration.

* gilliard thinks bush and cheney will resign (link)

* americablog: "Why does the media dismiss the impeachment discussion?" (link)

(posting is light - apologies)

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