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Sibel, Fidler, "Nuclear Goods"

(update: In January 2009, the US Government imposed sanctions on Selim Alquadis and Gunes Cire for involvement in the nuclear black market. For more on Selim Alquadis and Gunes Cire, see here, here and here.)
Prior to my phone conversation with sibel edmonds, she sent through three articles for me to read. these 3 articles presumably contain key information relevant to unraveling her story - she helpfully added some emphasis which ought help us focus on the relevant issues.

The three articles are:
1. "Case Reveals Nuts and Bolts of Nuclear Network, Officials Say" by Josh Myer at the LATimes in May 2004. (link)
2. "Turkish businessman denies nuclear goods claim" by STEPHEN FIDLER June 11, 04, FT (link)
3. "U.S. Firm Said Among Nuclear Black Market" by GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press
Posted on Fri, Jul. 09, 2004 (link)

i've posted the 3 articles in separate posts, with her emphasis (follow the links above).

This post contains Stephen Fidler's "Turkish businessman denies nuclear goods claim" from the FT. June, 04.

Sibel's comment when introducing this article was:
"Zeki Bilmen (Giza) has social & business ties to Selim Alguadis."

A Turkish businessman alleged to have supplied sophisticated electrical goods to Libya's secret nuclear weapons project has said he had no idea his products were destined for the country.

The businessman, Selim Alguadis, said his company's products were in free circulation and could be purchased by end-users, contractors or distributors. Mr Alguadis said the equipment provided by his company was so common that "customers are not asked what they intend to do with it".

"It is conceivable that they found their way to Libya. For example, we found that our power supplies had been purchased by the American Embassy in Afghanistan for their own use. We did not sell these to this customer," he said.

Mr Alguadis was cited in a public report from the Malaysian inspector-general of police into the Malaysian end of a Pakistani-led clandestine network that supplied Libya, Iran and North Korea with nuclear weapons technologies, designs and expertise. He had, the report alleged, "supplied electrical cabinets and power supplier-voltage regulators to Libya".

Mr Alguadis said he had on several occasions met Abdul Qadeer Khan, the disgraced Pakistani scientist who has admitted transmitting nuclear expertise to the three countries. Mr Khan was acting as technology consultant to the Pakistani president and "the relationship has been purely social", Mr Alguadis said.

The Malaysian authorities have detained a Sri Lankan, Bukhari Sayed Abu Tahir, described by President George W. Bush as the network's chief financial officer and main money launderer. Mr Tahir owns a computer supply store in Dubai.

"The only Mr Tahir I know in Dubai is a gentleman who owns computer shops and two to three years ago I bought myself a laptop from his store," Mr Alguadis said.

Turkish equipment, including centrifuge motors and frequency converters destined for Libya's now abandoned nuclear weapons programme, turned up in Tripoli in March this year aboard a ship that had sailed from Dubai in 2003. Mr Alguadis said his company, EKA, did make frequency converters but had not exported any to Dubai in 2003, and it made no motors of any kind.

Judging by her emphasis...
Key People: Selim Alguadis, Zeki Bilmen
Key Countries: Libya, UAE, Turkey
Key Issues: "Pakistani-led clandestine network", "equipment, including centrifuge motors and frequency converters", "money laundering"
Key Companies: EKA

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