Monday, June 19, 2006

20 mins till the aus vs brazil kickoff. in case you were wondering.
(and can you at least barrack for Oz for me?)


Teemu said...

I can, even though I'm still exhausted from JPN-CRO. What a match.

However, I placed a bet couple of weeks ago that either Ronaldinho or Crespo makes most goals in World Cup. You better score a lot so that I can root for Ronaldinho to score some too. :(

lukery said...

thnx teemu!

ok - we can look for a 3-3 draw with a Ronaldinho hatrick :-)

Teemu said...

Finnish "BBC" channel (that shows the matches) is playing Nick Cave concert now, right before the game.

Do you believe in an interventionist god? You're going to need one (or several!)

lukery said...


teemu - i love you! i recently did a post about "interventionist god"

my finnish friends all love nick cave - for obvious reasons ( me too)