Friday, June 23, 2006

20th hijacker

* according to Lehrer, pre-emptive bombing of nokorea is officially a 'debate'

* maha on the new WMD find:

I took all this in, and then made some coffee, and then sat down to consider the burning question of our time — how stupid are Bush supporters, really? This goes way beyond your average left the keys in the car stupid, which plagues the best of us from time to time. There’s something more primordial going on here. In some cases, IMO, we’re looking at simple turtle crossing an interstate stupid. You can’t really blame them for it. In other cases we may be dealing with more exotic forms of cognitive handicaps, however, such as I’m getting messages from Mars stupid, or the cookbook said to separate the yolk from the white so I boiled the egg first stupid.

By now most of the rabbit chasers have moved on to the next phase of the exercise, which is wondering why the Bush White House hadn’t said something about this sooner? Some of the results are real knee-slappers..."

* kathleen outlines what she thinks is happening in the fitz/rove investigation here. she ends thusly: "If I'm wrong, I'll go drink vinegar, for God's sake." (which is a joke about WakeUp telling her that her champagne will turn to vinegar cos she'll have to wait too long (here))
(more here.)

* huffpo via don:
"The military, under the direction of the current secretary of defense, abused (new 20th hijacker) al-Qahtani to a degree that horrified at least one Army investigator, allegedly forced a confession out of him, and then government officials trumpeted him as the definitive 20th hijacker. Now it turns out all that -- the sleep deprivation, the humiliation, the "degrading and abusive" treatment -- may have been aimed at the wrong man.
And no one, apparently, finds this worthy of mention."


Don said...

More fun and games for BushCo. Courtesy of Soto at TLC comes this from the Times of London:

The [Iraqi] Government will promise a finite, UN-approved timeline for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq; a halt to US operations against insurgent strongholds; an end to human rights violations, including those by coalition troops; and compensation for victims of attacks by terrorists or Iraqi and coalition forces.

Put-up or shut-up time. Whatch'all gonna do now, Georgie?

lukery said...

george: bbbbbut... bbbbbut.... THEY HAVENT STOOD UP! WE"VE GOTTA FIGHT EM OVER THERE!

Kathleen said...

This was on the heels of Dopey's Drop In On the Green Zone.

Within days of that, Maliki asked the UN Security Council to extend the authorization of US Troops in Iraq for 6 more months. I would say, no more extensions.

Are we in our last throes yet?

lukery said...

perhaps it'll be d-day for the notion of 'sovereignty'