Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Air Torture

* rfk2 is considering launching legal action re the stolen election.

* now brad's website is down - 3 days after they had planned a hour-hour outage. what's up with that?

* nyt:
" Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick, the department's No. 2 official, is resigning, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced Monday.
Rice praised Zoellick's ''tireless work ethic,'' and said he had served as her ''alter ego'' in the department. She did not announce a replacement.
''Our nation is stronger and safer because of your work,'' Rice said at the State Department.
Zoellick told reporters later that he had informed Rice and the White House months ago he was thinking of leaving the post. "
good riddance - but is it possible for the WH to actually get their shit together and recruit replacements, even when they're given months notice? apparently not.

* amnesty international:
We just launched our new "Air Torture" Web site today. We've gotten a few requests already from people who wanted to post a button to their blogs and myspace pages, so here's one you can use:

Air Torture

button added.


Don said...

Peripheral to election issues, while Diebold/ES&S/Hart/etc may have a fix in, I am reminded of why I love reading Palast:

How many times am I asked, “Why vote if they’re going to steal the election?” That’s the point: Make them STEAL it. Make them know they can’t win UNLESS they steal it.

Teemu said...

Bradblog: "For an Hour or two, beginning at 1am PT (4am ET) Late-Night Saturday (Early Sunday Morning)"

Having done numerous such updates, and written numerous such announcements, I'd say they're still nicely on the usual system update schedule...

lukery said...

teemu - lol - i'm with you. should we expect to see them by friday?