Thursday, June 08, 2006

Al Qaeda and their affiliates

* arkin:
"Intelligence and terrorism authorities now confidently say that al Qaeda as it existed on 9/11 -- a centrally controlled and financed organization led by one man, Osama bin Laden -- is dead. What has replaced it is a new brand of Islamic terrorism that comes in loose affiliations of independent "home grown" networks tied together by a common ideology and facilitated by the Internet."
of course. so what does it mean when PreznitBlinky claims the right to do anything (spying, imprisonment etc) regarding "Al Qaeda and their affiliates"? I suspect that the 'official' internal Addington/Yoo definition of "Al Qaeda and their affiliates" is key to understanding the extent of the lawbreaking justified by the Unitary Executive theory nonsense .

along the same lines, I just found this statement by Blinky (June 04)
"Zarqawi's the best evidence of a connection to al Qaeda affiliates and al Qaeda," Bush told reporters at the White House."
fucking moron.


damien said...

Even the FBI doesn't connect 9/11 to OSBL.

lukery said...

ah yes - i remember that one...

noise said...

"But experts were quick to add that Bin Laden is still very dangerous and still hates our freedom."

damien said...

...the guy on the dialysis machine in a cave somewhere.

lukery said...

lol - i wonder if obl hates our freedom collectively - or if he gets down to a finer level of granularity. does he hate Noise's freedom? Damiens? Mine?

perhaps he's sitting in his cave reading this blog (he cant travel very well these days cos o' that damn dialysis machine) screaming "That damn lukery! His freedom from dialysis machines drive me insane!"