Friday, June 02, 2006

all politics is local

* via calipendence:
"Anti-terror police in Turkey are reported to have foiled a plot to kill Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Turkish newspapers says nine people, including three soldiers, have been detained in the capital, Ankara."
* ATR:

There you have it: the main goal of all political actors, particularly violent right wing ones, is almost always to make themselves more powerful than their rivals in their own country. They are trying to beat their "enemies" on their own "side." However, they always always always claim they're it doing for everyone in their tribe. (Meanwhile, their counterparts on the other "side" make up a mirror image fantasy to make themselves more powerful than their own domestic "enemies.")

Thus, Bush invades Iraq because he thinks it will help him crush the Democrats. Osama bin Laden kills thousands on 9/11 because he thinks it will help him crush his Muslim rivals. But rather than being honest—"I'm doing this because I think it'll really be great for ME!"—Bush, bin Laden and the Iranian mullahs all claim they did it to protect their "people."

This is the most obvious thing in the world. It's Politics 101, what everyone should learn when they're in 3rd grade. What I find peculiar is I went to school for seventeen years yet had to figure it out for myself."

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noise said...

Here is a very thorough collection of 9/11 coincidences: Link

Might change Schwarz's analysis if he realized 9/11 was false flag terrorism. Of course, it still worked the same Bush/Rove marginalize the Democrats.