Thursday, June 15, 2006

the American Problem

* tpmm:
"Over at the Sunlight Foundation, they've found Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) taking a page from Rep. Ken Calvert's (R-CA) investment playbook.
For years, Hastert has been pushing the construction of a highway called the Prairie Parkway in Illinois. He secured $207 million in earmarks to support the project. But what he didn't tell constituents was that he owned a huge plot of farmland just a few miles from where the road would run. And now that the project's gone through, the land has been tranferred to a real estate development firm with plans to build a 1,600 home community. The land has already improved in value by millions of dollars.

I wonder how much Hastert will ultimately make on the deal?"
I've looked at Hastert's financial records before - until now, he was essentially asset-free.

* jeralyn:
"So much for freedom of the press. Journalists have been forced to leave Guantanamo in the wake of the suicides."

* luskin:
"“The scariest thing in the world is to be the lawyer for an innocent client, because all you can do is screw it up,” he said. “So from my personal perspective—and particularly because I like and respect my client so much—it’s a huge sense of relief that I didn’t manage to screw it up.”"

* emptywheel:
"The Solution to the Iran "Problem" Is in Pakistan"
(i left a comment there noting the American Problem)

* emptywheel:
"Because if we don't hold (the neocons) accountable for their absolute failure, they'll stick around and keep trying, in Iran, with China, who knows where they have their sights set? The false renunciations of Fukuyama and the promised disbanding of the office are simply an attempt to retain influence by abdicating all responsibility for the colossal failures of the Neocon project. We have got to make them accept their responsibility."


oldschool said...

"The scariest thing in the world is to be the lawyer for an innocent client, because all you can do is screw it's a huge relief that I didn't manage to screw it up."

Well, he's certainly correct that that *is* the scariest thing for a lawyer - but I wonder how the hell he knows that?

I'm thinking his sense of relief might have more to do with the fact that his client is the type of gentleman who might become just a tad bit unpleasant were he to become, oh, say a wee bit miffed.

Did I go overboard on the euphemisms for Rove's being a serial ratfucker?

Don said...

I'm reminded of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. One faction, the Aes Sedai, are bound by a mystical oath from speaking a lie. They are noted, however, for their ability to twist truth into a knot and stand it on its head.

Note that while it's strongly implied, at no point does Lusking actually say Rove is innocent.

Assuming, of course, that Rove even tells him the truth.

lukery said...

oldschool - lol. the only thing scarier than being in Rove's targets would be being in his favours, frantically trying to avoid doing anything wrong.

don - lol. i dont know the Aes Sedai - but it sounds like a timely tale