Saturday, June 10, 2006

arkin and TF145

* arkin has a post about TF145 and Zarqawi. He ends thusly:
"The government says that Zarqawi was tracked down by tips from Iraqi citizens, but there is another reality for this terrorist network operating in the country. The more success that is scored against the battle hardened, the more U.S. (and Iraqi) special forces get to fight raw recruits and newcomers to the battle, amateur fighters who have proven to be not quite as well trained and easier to target.

Looking at the ages of the American special forces veterans who have died in the hunt, it is clear that these are not kids, nor amateurs. That should both tell us how difficult the fight has been and also the sacrifices others are making to fight a ruthless and anarchic foe. In a climate where Haditha suggests only American murder and lawlessness, even the cynical should be able to see that."
huh? huh? and huh?

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