Friday, June 23, 2006

australia 1, croatia 1

croatia scored in the first couple of minutes. things were nervy for a while.

at half time - australia 1, croatia 1

c'mon lads.


Miguel said...

We're pullin' for you out here in the States. The USA couldn't make it to the second round, so Australia is the next best thing.

I still say the Germans are gonna take the whole enchilada.

Miguel said...

What is the jerk talking about? Decades? We're going to give up all our freedoms because of a few guys who can make homemade bombs?

lukery said...

jeebus. the good news is after 'a generation or two' there won't be any more war.

lukery said...

who do germany play next? swe?

lukery said...

(btw - sorry bout the US)