Thursday, June 22, 2006

Big Russ worships death.

comin down (late) with driftglass:
Don’t you run the real risk of suddenly facing a Congress that remembers what “oversight” means, and from there face the danger that Americans might actually find out what in the fuck you have been doing in their name?!

Nah. Leadership’ll win. Fuck yeah! I mean sure, every stinkin’ little car bomb, mass execution, kidnapping and so forth gets reported as if it's "news". And if you read the Bad News Press you’d believe that there weren’t happy puppies prancing through the streets of Baghdad.

Sure, it’s more difficult to show the incremental and/or invisible and/or completely fictitious good news. Like those tiny, happy puppies.

Or the Good News of Continental Drift that takes place every day and that the Liberal Press refuses to report on may well be moving the whole Middle East into cooler, smaller and more manageable latitudes than you see today.
But of course there are some metrics like the electricals, supplies, availability of really high-tone porn at low, low prices, the number of bodies stacking up in morgues (Which could very well be a positive, even though the Liberal Press won’t tell you about the upside! Because remember, every dead civilian is one less set of “hearts and minds” to lose! Thus lowering the total number of hearts and minds in the mix, and making our jobs in Iraq just that much easier. It’s statistics, people; you can look it up. And it is also quite possible I boosted that whole line of “reasoning” from Stephen Colbert.) by which you can sorta measure progress, but this will still take a long time.

And if we even dare to guesstimate how much time it’ll take, it’ll make it take even longer, so if you support our brave troops, best thing an American can do is to shut up and don’t ask anything. About anything.

Because it is only walled safely up in a stone niche behind the sturdy brick of complete silence and mortar unquestioning obedience to the Dear Leader that freedom and democracy can flourish.

and from part2:
Russert gleefully explained how the GOP would once once again dump poison into the well of public discourse to win an election, not two minutes after decrying the coarseness of public rhetoric and then assigning 50% of the blame to Democrats.
And every year it gets easier to call a feminist a “feminazi”. A Liberal “America-hating”. A homosexual an “abomination”. A scientist a Godless “tree-hugger”.

To accept the swiftboating of patriots as normal, and to vote sadistic, damaged drunks and war criminals into office.

And every year Russert has to yell “What noise?” a little more loudly to be heard over the shrieking from inside the walls of Mordor that gets ever more deafening, more reckless and more hysterical year after year after year.

So let me make this a little clearer, Tim, and see if a different pitch or tone can improve your hearing.

How would you feel if I stood in the public square and called Big Russ a coward at 100,000 decibels?

Called him a gutless, ball-less, godless coward. A dupe for the enemies of the country. A betrayer who celebrates the failure of America and dances on the graves of her fallen children.

Big Russ worships death. He enjoys seeing babies die. He gets off killing the unborn and euthenizing helpless women in hospital beds.

Big Russ hates work. He is a lazy parasite who wants to scam a living off of the hard labor of others. He wants to see the economy fail.

The military fail.

America fail.

He is a man without honor, and a fool to boot.

Do I have your attention now, Tim? Because this is how our fathers are treated by the Right.

These is how our mothers are vilified every day for fighting for the rights of working people. This is how our wives and husbands and slurred for demanding voting rights be respected. This is how our sisters are slapped for trying to make heath care and a decent education affordable for every American, and how our brothers are mocked for trying to stop a global climate change catastrophe.

How our kids are sneered at for working for peace.

This is how our kin by the millions are casually slandered in the press and in the pulpit, by men and women who are not fit to wipe their asses.

Every. Single. Fucking. Day.

And this has been going on for decades, Tim.

For decades, people have been offhandedly calling our mothers whores and our fathers cowards, for no reason other than pandering to the lowest impulses of their base is the only way they can get elected. And for thirty years we tried to combat the rising tide of barbarism and hate from the Right with civility and compromise -- two virtues the Right openly despises.

And for all of the time, under the color of "objectivity", people like Russert have stood studiously mute.

Conspicuously long as the mortar fire was all coming from Right, and the Left rolled over and took it.

Ah, but let a Lefty come off the mat. Let a Lefty start landing punches. Then and ONLY then do stooges like Russert all of a sudden develop a keen interest in keeping the party polite.

Well fuck that.

When the GOP falls back in love with privacy and the Constitution and fiscal discipline and runs Coulter and Dobson and the rest of the demagogues out of the Party on matching rails, then come to me about a return to gentile gentle genital genteel Mayberry politics. But until then go pee up a rope. And don’t kid yourself, Russert: this is why you’re seen as a dupe and an ass by the Left, to be watched for the same entertainment value people get from renting “Reefer Madness”.

Because you can actually bemoan the divisiveness and loss of comity in public discourse in one breathe, and gloat over the Republican strategy based entirely on divisiveness and revulsion in the next. And never once draw the blindingly obvious conclusion that there is perhaps a causal relationship between the fact that one side tanks up its electoral engine exclusively on fury and Fundamentalism...and the fact that the air is full of stinking clouds of blind hatred and religious intolerance.
so there.

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calipendence said...

Careful... My heart jumped a bit when you mentioned "Big Russ". For a minute I was thinking you were talking about one of my few heros on Capitol Hill, Russell Feingold, rather than the Russert Potato!

lukery said...

feingold must love death. HE'S A LIBERAL!

Kathleen said...

Russert Potato, love that.

lukery said...

aka Pumpkin Head