Saturday, June 17, 2006

brooks: "publicity suicide bomb"

* soto:
" Joe Wilson and his wife are contemplating a civil suit against those who ended her career. Depending on where that suit is filed, there may be a 3-year statute of limitations on that filing, and the original action that led to Valerie Plame’s exposure hits the three-year mark . . . next month."
* here's alex jones screaming "NWO" at the bilderbergers, thru a bullhorn ( he went 9mins without a breath, and without notes. so that's something)
(via rimone)

* emptywheel has another episode of "Anatomy of a smear"

* kathleen:
"I would take Kathleen Reardon's suggestions further and say that Dems should develope a more colorful vocabulary to use to describe Repugnicans. For example, when Gop-ers say Dems who want to withdraw our troops from Iraq are unpatriotic, and wishy washy on defense, Dems should say Repugnicans who don't volunteer for combat themselves, but want other people's children to do it for them, are bloodthirsty profiteers."

* and kathleen develops the 'imposed immunity' argument - with some help from a couple of legal types in the comments here

* and via kathleen, you can sign up for zogby's interactive polls here - and help drag the stats.
Kathleen: "There's an opportunity to comment, so I wrote and said they didn't have a category bad enough to express my opinion of Bush, so why not add "Horrible" to the choices?"

* on lehrer:
"DAVID BROOKS: And then, in this case, I think one of the reasons why we had three coordinated suicides was that it was a political act to try to gin up a propaganda campaign against Guantanamo.

So I think the case against Guantanamo is actually reasonably strong, but I sort of resist being manipulated by people doing what is, in effect, a publicity suicide bomb."
poor bobo.


Ron Brynaert said...

i thought it was just gonna be him screaming NWO for 9 minutes....

kind of a letdown

lukery said...

'pologies for the expectations