Tuesday, June 13, 2006

converted or killed

* everyone has been joining in on the 'denouncing' of the LeftBehind video games (btw - it only just now occured to me that No Child Left Behind was probably based on these freaks).

Here's Tristero:
"Perhaps the imminent release under a well-known christianist brand name of a videogame in which people are either converted or killed will focus minds on what these people people are up to."
Billmon offers this from the LeftBehind FAQ:
"Q: Why does this game have to contain violence at all? Why is it necessary for a fun and successful game?

A: Violence is not required to make a fun game. However, it is required to make a game about the end of the world in the Left Behind book series."
for the second time in a coupla days. I'm quite speechless.


Miguel said...

Leopold Lied. Leopold Lied. Leopold Lied.

He is hereby banished forever to the Wayne Madsen report.

Truthout, Raw Story, it's best time to distance yourselves from this writer of science fiction and fantasy named Leopold.

Miguel said...

I'm listening to Leopold live on Ed Schulz. He's "standing by" his story that Rove is indicted.

Sorry, I'd like to believe Leopold, but although I don't believe anything Luskin says, I find it HARD to believe that Luskin is dumb enough to go out on a limb that far and completely destroy his credibility.

BREAKING- Leopold backs off pledge to out his sources if they misled him. Schulz is really grilling him...as he should.

lukery said...

I can't really believe that Leopold lied. He may have really fucked up the reporting, but I can't believe he simply made up the story from whole cloth.

i also dont have a clue how or why someone fed him the story.

Don said...

i also dont have a clue how or why someone fed him the story.

I think it was Jeralyn or one of the commenters at TL who tossed it out that his info may have come out of Patton Boggs. Don't know what or if they'd bill their star client for throwing a left-leaning, alternative media reporter (and his employer) under a bus, but I can't imagine Karl'd have any reservations about it, being a 'creative tactician' and all.

Don said...
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lukery said...

hmmm - it sure was an elaborate story to throw the already discredited leopold under the bus. most of LeftBlogtopia doesnt listen to leopold anyway. he was no dan rather. i'd think it'd make more sense to take down larisa or someone else (if their goal was simply to take someone down)

i suspect there is something else going on.

Don said...

LeftBlogtopia may not extend him a lot of cred, but the offline world doesn't know the difference and RightWingistan doesn't bother making distinctions in tarring the whole left with the brush JL's inadvertantly handed them.

Smear one of the biggies (TO), smear the medium and all of its messengers.


Kathleen said...

Sounds like the Niger forgery bunch at work again to me. They sure had some fun getting the left in a lather expecting Rove to be indicted.

Butttt, the fat lady has not yet sung, my friends and I'll believe it when I see the actual letter from Fitz. I think the fat boy sang. Now let's get ready for the three tenors.

lukery said...

i think you are right kathleen.

lets hope he gave up cheney