Monday, June 12, 2006


i'm busy with some stuff (i've been running behind all week)

thanks to everyone who joined in with their comments at Yearly Lukery - if anyone wants to de-lurk - now would be a good time.


Teemu said...

I think the main reason you get so few comments/commenters is that most of us lurkers dare not to open our mouths, since it would only make us look bad (compared to those brilliant people writing in here.) Lacking expertise and time to do some real research, there's not much to add (except maybe some witty remarks, and I personally try not to write them, since it's difficult to be funny on your second language.)

Of course, I could throw in some comments to catch the attention of that future Swedish PM Mona(?), as Stockholm is just a short ferry ride away from this part of Finland... I don't think my background on information systems and energy markets is very beneficial among wives of heads-of-states on state visits, but as I'm on my late twenties, I still got plenty of time to learn something more interesting.

Ok, back to lurking now.

lukery said...

teemu - thnx for unlurking again. good to see you!

you are correct that we have a bunch of brilliant commenters. i'm very lucky.

and i'm always happpy to see you jump in with an observation here and there too (although i understand the 2nd langauge thing)

lol - Moa is indeed a treat. it's worth trying to catch her attention :-)