Saturday, June 03, 2006

the degenerati unhinging, again

* awc:
"It’s always amusing to watch the authoritarian Right respond to evidence of U.S. military atrocities. The same people who scream “Guilty!” and erect the gallows every time a sensational crime makes it into the Fox News rotation suddenly get all Phil Donahue on us when the accused is GI Joe. Rush to judgment! Context! Mitigating circumstances! "
* speaking of, in case you missed the degenerati unhinging, again, about google and memorial day, you can get a glimpse here. apparently it was the 'last straw.'

"Today, Bush informs us that he didn't know about an explosive military scandal until Time magazine called to ask him about it.
So, today's puzzler is whether your President is a lying motherfucker; an insensitive, incurious twit; or both. You gotta admit, it's a tough one."
(the slogan at VLWC is "Something to read until Bush gets us all killed")

* Rudepundit on the anti-terrorism grants:
"Maybe in some way the dissing of D.C. and NYC is strangely appropriate, for, if the last five plus years have taught us anything, it's that the Statue of Liberty, the Jefferson Memorial, and Vietnam War Wall are utterly meaningless to the White House."
(which for some reason reminded me of Jim Henley saying: "Meanwhile, in a fit of either Alanis Morrisette- or actual irony, a German public TV crew asked if they could interview me...")

* rudepundit:
" Watching James Sensebrenner and other Republicans take a stand for rights, the Constitution, and the rule of law is a little like watching a Penn State fraternity take a stand against underage drinking and date rape."

* rfk2 was on tucker carlson re election theft. brad has the video


Don said...

re:RFK2 on Carlson

So Tucker finally listened to some image consultant somewhere and ditched the bow tie. 'Bout time. I gotta wonder what he's trying for with the growing hair and the open shirt with jacket, but at least the 80s are closer to the 21st century than the 50s.

Substantially, though, he's still a weinie and that piece proves it.

lukery said...

"So Tucker finally listened to some image consultant somewhere and ditched the bow tie."
i noticed the open-neck thing a lot - but i couldnt work out why it was so weird. d'oh

"Substantially, though, he's still a weinie and that piece proves it."
i intenionally didnt provide any commentary - but yep - he's a weinie

Don said...
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Don said...

A light comment in the midst of all the doom-&-gloom speak:

According to MIT grad students, tin foil hats can actually help the government warp your mind.

Quoth Ali Rahimi, MIT doctoral graduate and author of the study, “It requires no stretch of the imagination to conclude that the current helmet craze is likely to have been propagated by the Government, possibly with the involvement of the FCC.”

lukery said...

oh no!

so what's the new black?

Kathleen said...


lukery said...


peach is the new black :-)