Tuesday, June 20, 2006

EmptyWheel: "why I think Karl cooperated "

* tpmm: "Lewis Had Close Ties to Cunningham Briber Wilkes (But Do Feds Care?)"

* LAT has more on Lewis

* amy:
"A newly released Pentagon study reveals that U.S. forces held Iraqi detainees for up to seven days at a time in cells so tiny that they could neither stand nor lie down. The cells measured four feet high, four feet long and twenty inches wide. One Iraqi detainee alleged his captors duct-taped his mouth and nose before placing him in the box-like cell. The Pentagon investigation also determined some Iraqi detainees were fed only bread and water for up to seventeen days during which time they were chained to the floor of their cells. Other Iraqis were stripped naked, deprived of sleep and assailed with loud music. The Pentagon report was completed in November 2004 but only made public last week in response to a Freedom of Information request from the American Civil Liberties Union."
* ew:
"But here's why I think Karl cooperated and therefore Fitz may be closer to either an IIPA indictment of Scooter (though, again, the pardon talk suggests something more) or some charge for Dick.
  • Apparently, the investigation is ongoing (it's not just Samborn's silence that says so, it's Armitage's silence on Monday, and a few more things he said)
  • VandeHei's article (linked in the post) correlates closely with Libby's lawyer's panic on May 5, that they needed to get evidence of all conversations Rove had during Leak Week
  • There has been new information since the indictment, specifically the 250 emails
  • Fitzgerald seems to be zeroing in on Libby's claim that Dick ordered him to leak the NIE--and that claim appears to be in crumbling, suggesting Fitz is closer to proving Dick ordered Libby to leak PLame's name (this by itself would prove intent and covert knowledge, since if he had to get the approval, it suggests he knew it was wrong)"

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Kathleen said...

YUUUUUMMMMM, but I don't see Rove cooperating without saving his own pudgy butt first. IMMMMMMUUUUNity, which is not exoneration, now is it?