Friday, June 16, 2006

I've mentioned a couple of times that I have a visitor from alaska. i have no idea what it is - they drop in every day or two, hit the server every 20-30 seconds for half an hour or so and then leave.

any ideas what it is?


Vigilante said...


lukery said...


that explains it.


damien said...

Not much that you won't already know -
GCI Communications, Inc.

GCI owns APCO - a lobbyist co. for big tobacco and "citizens for tort reform" movements.(link)
NYNEX Telesector Resources Group
ph. +1-617-743-2280

lukery said...

holy shit!

that explains it damien.
(this was a day or two before my impeachment polling story went live)

Mac said...

I found your post via google.....
i don't even post on my blog anymore, not since April....and i look from time to time to see if anyone is still actually checks....that very same IP address from alaska checks mine everyday.... it is some sort of automatic blog datamining I am guessing.... interesting though because your blog and my blog are not Republican-friendly blogs, and we are both on this "list."

check out my tracker and notice all the hits from the same IP....

lukery said...

thnx Mac.