Wednesday, June 14, 2006

gitmo homiciders

* larisa will be guest-hosting the PeterBCollins show wednesday on KRXA from 8-9pm. call if you have a question for her.

* the USG us backing off the call that the gitmo homiciders were "good PR": "
Graffy's unscripted remarks threw a monkey wrench in the administration's careful plan to demonstrate concern over the deaths and respond to rising criticism of the U.S. operation of the prison."
one problem - they weren't unscripted.

* athenae:
"It's really something to be proud of, isn't it, that your chief political advisor was cleared in a national security leak case. It's really a red-letter day when you can say at least one member of your administration escaped charges. Turn up Mot the Hoople and dance, boys, because this is the most significant accomplishment of your tenure. You just put that lampshade on your head, because if ever there was a time to party, it's now."

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