Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Govern…or shut the fuck up

driftglass promises to debate fag-burning and flag-marriages and such, with a few govern-y prequirements. then:
You were horny for imperial power for so long you could taste it in your teeth. Wanted it so bad, you cheated, lied and ran our carefully balanced democratic institutions up on the rocks one after another to get to where you are today.

And then you won.



Remember when it was all gonna be so cool once the Liberals were out of the way and you could liquidate the hated Federal Government. When the Government is the source of all evil in the Universe? When you could hang every problem in the world on welfare queens?

Remember the glory days of “We won. You lost. Now shut up.” ?

Remember when you could drown out all the blood and misery on your filthy, lying hands by just turning Rush up louder?

You wanted this, and now it's yours. All yours.

History is watching you. The future is watching you. The massed billions yet unborn are watching you, and they see a pathetic huddle children who are throwing the world's most expensive tantrum because they don’t want to fix what they destroyed.

They see a no-neck ocean of cowards and fools and bigots, led by liars and crooks. They see you taking your hour in the sun -- the one you traded your ideal, you conscience and you soul to acquire – and pissing it away. Deliberately picking fights over trivia in gthe hopes that no one notices that you have destroyed a great nation,

They see you failing, in more ways and with worse consequences than any generation in American history. And doing it while giggling and jerking off to Ann Coulter.

Your children and grandchildren see all that you have done and all that you have failed to do and they are ashamed of you, so govern, you weak, stupid, frightened little men. You ARE the government, so quit bellowing and blaming everyone from Michael Moore to Cindy Sheehan for your sins.

Actually step up like men and govern and we’ll spend the next 20 years debating anything else you’d like. Flags and queers and all the rest of the fiddling nonsense.

Govern, or admit that you are uniquely incompetent to actually lead a great nation.

Govern…or shut the fuck up

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Kathleen said...

I think it'll end up in Hashishistan. Guess we'll just have to deal with it.