Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Harry Reid: "Why would I want Cheney president?"

Via froomkin:
Tim Grieve interviews Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in Salon:

Reid: "I think we've come to learn that the intelligence community in America is run by one person -- one person -- and that's the vice president. [Sen. Pat] Roberts, who is the supposed chair of that committee -- I shouldn't say 'supposed chair'; he is the chair -- he can't do anything without [Dick Cheney]."

Grieve: "We saw some of that last week , when Arlen Specter went public about Cheney's efforts to block him from having the telephone companies testify on the NSA database program before the Senate Judiciary Committee. . . . What kind of pressure does Cheney exert on these guys?"

Reid: "I don't know. A phone call? I don't know what he does."

Grieve: "But what's the threat?"

Reid: "I guess he won't like them anymore. Maybe he'll use, like he did with Leahy , the F-word. I don't know."

Grieve: "Whatever it is, they ultimately buckle under. Specter talks a good game, but -- "

Reid: "It's not 'ultimately.' Specter is the only one who's given an ostensible reaction, negatively [to the NSA program]. But that didn't last. He caved in like soft cake, you know. . . . "

Grieve: "[House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi has apparently taken impeachment off the table, even if the Democrats win in November."

Reid: "But see, I've cooled that impeachment [talk] from the beginning. You know why? Who would be the president if the president were impeached? Why would I want Cheney president?"


noise said...

IMO, Reid is full of it. He is simply playing to the base as the election approaches. I know an opposition party when I see it. Reid's Dems are no opposition party.

If there is a real investigation of the Bush administration, Cheney will be found more guilty than Bush.

lukery said...

noise - correct.

there's no way cheney could survive an impeachment investigation in Bush. Two for the price of one.

Kathleen said...

How about Give Harry Hell? The guy drives me right up a wall. Impeach the two bastards in one fell swoop. The guy is soooo hohum, it's utterly maddening. Who is he "leading"? And where the hell are they going? I'll bet he's the one who thought of that really snappy slogan, "We Can do Better".. No shit. Are they going for the understatment of the century award?

It's primal scream time.

lukery said...

kathleen - i think i heard you from here...