Friday, June 30, 2006

Heidi Fleiss complains about sexual promiscuity

* larry johnson:
"President Bush crying about "leaks" to the New York Times is like listening to former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss complain about sexual promiscuity. Sorry George, we ain't buying your song and dance."
* while you were sleeping, this post now has nearly 30 comments. there were another 2 related posts (here's one) that each had more than 20 comments - all part of the same flame war - some of it informative. (don, get up off the floor)

* btw don - did you see that i linked earlier to the 74-page pentagon propagandadoc that you asked about?

* regarding the possibility of a libby pardon, the comments here and here are both interesting


Don said...


Spotted the Congressional Defence Briefing from the War Department. Thanks!

Re: the very long comments threads, I haven't looked in on them lately ('til now), just content to sit back. WakeUp, Kathleen, LeeB and Old School seem to have it well covered and then some.

For me, having read Jeralyn's, EW's, and ReddHead's overall takes (plus dr. elsewhere's), I'm content to wait for new information or statements to parse.
Until then, Fitz/Rove doesn't seem to be going anywhere and there is just so much else going on to watch!

Side note, it'll be interesting to see what kind of response the NE States get on their flooding.

lukery said...

yeah - i'm with you. its like i cant even afford an opinion! nothing seems to make sense - so im just gonna wait till next-tomorrow before things start to settle.

in the meantime we can watch wakeup et al tear shreds off each other...

LeeB said...

. . . watch wakeup et al tear shreds off each other...

Or maybe not.

(That was a REALLY dumb thing to say, Luke.)

Kathleen said...

I agree, there are sooo many more important things going on to pay close atention to than whether or not I am wrong about a sealed indictment. I've never had such a marathon debate.

Why does it matter what I think? Lots of people are waiting for more info before coming to any conclusions, but have their own hunches.

I did like reading Dr. Elsewhere.

lukery said...

oops - i hate saying dumb thing. and i hate even more saying REALLY dumb things!

oldschool said...

Ack! Have I been shredded?

Aw hell, de-shredding takes a lot of energy...I'm gonna practice my procrastinating skills this evening.

Or tomorrow.

oldschool said...

ok, so I went back and peeked. Emptywheel showed up? Great - just great. Does this mean I should maybe stop talking out of my a**?

lukery said...

de-shredding takes forever... i wonder how long it'll take to put the constitution back together again.

EW occasionally turns up. it makes me feel so proud.