Thursday, June 22, 2006

i promise i'll keep doing it.

the other day i mentioned that i REFUSE to accept advertisements from the anti-net-neutrality brigade. ON PRINCIPLE!

i will note, however, that one of my readers (yep - another kath...) has graciously sent me lovely some gifts in the past - full disclosure: she sent me a hand-made necklace at xmas, and recently a hand-made scarf to keep me warm during the winter.

i must acknowledge that the chinese walls between editorial and advertising at this blog are very thin- and i'm willing tempted to be corrupted at a moments notice - so if you see me advertorialising kathy's home-made necklaces and scarves vs her competitors, please pull me back into line. (for more, see stirling, TNR, kos)

in other news, kathy also sent me a squeeze-me pig - which 'oinks' in two syllables when squeezed - kathy informs me that the duosyllabic 'oink' actually translates into 'george bush' (and who am i to argue?)

kathy also informs me that whenever she asks her house-pets "where's george bush?" - they reliably chase down the pig - and there's a subsequent porcine-sounding the fucking murdering pyschopath - i wish he was fucking dead 'george bush' cutely squeaks out of the piggy.

to summarize, i'm completely for sale. send gifts and comments and thoughts of love for what i do, and i promise i'll keep doing it.


Kathy said...

(I was a bit worried that the "george bush"
that the piggy squeaks out wouldn't sound
quite right to Australian ears....)

rimone said...

there's a subsequent porcine-sounding -t-h-e-f-u-c-k-i-n-g-m-u-r-d-e-r-i-n-g- p-y-s-c-h-o-p-a-t-h- i wish he was fucking dead 'george bush' cutely squeaks out of the piggy.

LMAO! your fault--get over here this instant and clean my screen and 'board.

ps, can't copy your text or do strikeout or delete code, fucking blogger. :-)

lukery said...

kathy - thanks again :-)

i love it - and it often puts a smile on my face during the day :-)

(i also use it for protection for my forehead when i bang my head on the desk)

it only takes a *little* imagination for 'oink oink' to sound like 'george bush'

lukery said...

rimone - sorry about the strike thing. i often fall for that one.

(i can't believe Blogger's comments editing is so bad)