Sunday, June 11, 2006

imagining, perhaps, what awaited him in paradise

* ron points me to this piece in newsweek:
This time around, the Americans wanted to make sure they killed him. Again and again, Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi had eluded his many well-armed, high-tech pursuers. Now, U.S. commanders were sure, the terrorist butcher was holed up in a safe house about 30 miles north of Baghdad, where he had gone to commune with his spiritual adviser. A circlingF-16C pasted the small building with a 500-pound bomb. Then, just to make sure, the warplane unloaded another 500-pounder. The two bombs, one directed by a laser beam, the other by a satellite, left nothing but a pile of rubble and twisted metal in a grove of splintered palm trees. Inside, two men, two women and a small girl were dead. Somehow, however, Zarqawi was still alive. When Iraqi and American soldiers found him, he was still breathing, barely, and muttering prayers. Lying on a stretcher, he turned away from his captors, imagining, perhaps, what awaited him in paradise.
Ron notes that only a couple of days ago, Zarqawi wasnt praying for virgins, but that
" he mumbled a little something, but it was indistinguishable and it was very short."
i'd also like to note that today we added 'pasted' to the verancular - along with 'collateral damage', 'smart bombs' and 'fucking killed a house full of people'.

further "The two bombs left nothing but a pile of rubble and twisted metal" - they forgot to mention 'a live, mumbling, praying, photogenic TERRORIST.'

may the american corporate media go straight to journalistic hell - do not pass 'go', do not collect $200, do not collect 72 virgins.


rimone said...

Simon: I do wonder if they were designed from the outset to get the mention they did in the 2003 SOTU address.

arrrggghhhhhh! this, actually, has occurred to me and i've spent time wondering about it, throughout my many sleepless nights. |-(

lukery said...

i reposted rimone's comment over where it seems to belong