Sunday, June 04, 2006

impeachment / pardons

* reddhedd takes a look at the latest Reggie Walton filings in the libby case. part 1 and 2 . by all accounts, we haven't seen anything to substantiate our previous concerns about judge walton. thnk goodness.

* reddhedd:
"there’s no real way to pardon-proof the Libby case from Fitz’s end of things. And, frankly, it isn’t something that he’ll be worrying about. The President’s pardon power is plenary, and the only person for whom he could not issue a pardon would be someone who is beaing impeached. But on the political end, there are a number of considerations that we have discussed here pretty frequently: (1) if Democrats re-take the House in the Fall, especially, pardon is very unlikely because that would do away with any ability to take the 5th in testimony to Congress, and the Dems would certainly take advantage of that and have hearings on this issue; (2) politically, even before the fall elections, the GOP is looking dicey in a lot of races — and pardoning Libby before then would not be tenable among the party power folks; (3) even if a pardon is issued, the Wilsons still have civil remedies to contemplate, and a pardon would only make it that much easier for them to elicit testimony regarding what happened, since again the criminal jeopardy issue would be removed."

* TWN:
"It has been said that Karl Rove is "Bush's Brain". The more important question is: Who is Bush's conscience? "


calipendence said...

Asking for a conscience amongst that crowd to serve as a donated organ/blood for Bush to use is like asking for a rare blood type such as Tc(a-). If none of them have it, then Bush has to do without, much like they have to do without. Of course that's why we have a whole administration without a conscience!

lukery said...

c/p - i think it would be rejected as a foreign object. the white blood cells would go nuts

Kathleen said...

Conscience? I don't need no stinkin conscience.