Friday, June 23, 2006

Iran Intelligence Oversight Act

* larisa has a new article out re Iran
"In an effort to stave off what appears to be a Congressional blackout by the Bush administration with regard to Iran intelligence and policy, Senate Democratic leaders introduced the Iran Intelligence Oversight Act on Monday.
"To the best of my knowledge, Congress has not yet been briefed on any of the key details of the (nuclear) deal offered to Iran a few weeks ago," Reid said on the Senate floor this week. "The Iranians have been briefed, the Europeans have been briefed, the Russians have been briefed, the Chinese have been briefed -- but not the U.S. Senate.""
The act would require an updated national intelligence estimate on Iran, and that an unclassified summary be made available. It would also require the President to report to Congress his objectives and policies regarding Iran, and the Director of National Intelligence to report the vetting and clearing of statements by senior Administration officials that are drawn from intelligence, including misstatements of intelligence made in public statements by senior officials.

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