Thursday, June 29, 2006

it'd be considered an act of war

* demnow:
"Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter said he is seriously considering suing the White House over President Bush’s use of signing statements."

* AL notes that despite Bush and the CIA and everyone else (per Suskind) knew that the Oct04 OBL video would help Bush, and was intended to help Bush, the RWWurlitzer crew all spouted the nonsense that OBL wanted Bush to lose.

* fred barnes:
'normally anytime some people (Hamas) went over an international border and killed some soldiers, it'd be considered an act of war'
* taylormarsh at FDL: "
Did Duncan Hunter Sell Out Jack Murtha?... Follow the money, because it looks like it leads to Duncan Hunter’s sweet chairmanship of the House Armed Services Committee. Is Murtha’s talk on Iraq threatening Hunter’s payroll? Jack Murtha is the strongest Democrat speaking out against the war in Iraq. You’ve got to wonder if Hunter wants him to pay a price."
* via holden:
"The British Army officer responsible for investigating British troops' mistreatment of Iraqi's hung himself with his own bootlace."

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Kathleen said...


I could not believe my ears that anyone was even asking the coy ruse/question, who does OBL want to win? Give me a break. If your Mommy and Daddy and Bros and Aunties and Uncles, etc. were tight business buddies with with Georige Porgie's Mommy and Daddy, etc. who the hell would you want to win that election?