Friday, June 30, 2006

* jeralyn: "This is just crazy. A New Orleans judge sentenced three people who looted liquor from a grocery store after Hurrican Katrina to 15 years in prison, saying he wanted to send a message."
perhaps the judge should have used email.

* xymphora suggests that we dont upgrade to opera9. thnx for the tip xymph. i'm still on 8.54

* question: what was the weirdest thing about the sears7?
a) that it got worldwide attention for a day
b) that it was immediately mocked
c) that the mocking only lasted for 2 days
d) that we've already forgotten all about it


rimone said...

'sears 7' my ass...the 'hyped-up 7,' more like.

AFAIC, it's just more proof that bu$hCo bullshits about EVERYthing.

rimone said...

oh, and in a just world (hah!) wouldn't this entire set-up be entrapment?

just sayin'.

lukery said...

in a normal world, even an entrapment case would have plausible deniability.

not today.