Friday, June 02, 2006

Jerry Lewis, toast (butter side down)

* NYT:
"The $2.5 million book deal that Valerie Plame Wilson, the former Central Intelligence Agency officer whose identity was publicly disclosed three years ago, negotiated with Crown Publishing Group last month has fallen through."
* if you don't have time to read the RFK/RS/evoting story yet, brad has some excerpts (larisa's reporting gets a shout-out too)

* sign the petition.

* Josh:
"Uh-oh ... Sounds like it's subpoena time for House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis (R-CA)."

* via holden
"MR. SNOW: No, (Blinky) couldn't have (made a statement about Haditha masssacre), and I'll tell you why. You've got ongoing criminal inquiries on two tracks: facts on the ground, and the reporting. The President is Commander-in-Chief. If the Commander-in-Chief says anything that might be regarded as prejudicial to the proceedings, those who are conducting the inquiries and those who might be called upon to conduct trials are, therefore, going to be hamstrung. And so it's very important -- and he's done this -- he's been very specific about it -- staying out of the chain of command. What you don't want is something that, should these alleged incidents rise to the level of a criminal proceeding, somebody saying, well, here's what the President had to say -- because that suddenly -- here's the President, all these people answer to him, you've got to be very careful."
the good enws is that with all the 'ongoing investigations' we're going to see come January, courtesy of Pelosi, Harman, Feingold, Conyers & Waxman, the preznit won't be able to say another single word about anything until he leaves office.

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