Wednesday, June 21, 2006

John Kerry: stubborn flip-flopper

* the NYT frontpages an absurd, typical story titled: 'On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming" - firstly, there's no hint of any 'fuming' - and here's the purpose of the entire story:
"Mr. Kerry's insistence on pushing ahead with his own plan has left the Democrats divided, and open to renewed Republican accusations that they are indecisive and weak"
calipendence, and don weigh in.

we get 9 paragraphs into the story before getting a quote from anyone, none of which are particularly problematic - and without the 9 para set-up, there's no story about divisive, angry dems who dont have a plan. they were able to find one guy who i've never heard of, from a group i've never heard of, who says: "He feels like he needs to sharpen his position. But voters can sense when you're being resolute for convenience sake, or for political advantage."

and if the story couldn't be even stupider, RS notes that:
"(NOTE: An earlier version of the Times article received by RAW STORY included 'stubbornness' to describe Senator Kerry's current position on the Iraq war)"
apparently calling a flip-flopper 'stubborn' might run the risk of mixed messages that might confuse redvoters so they had to take it out. or something.

nice work, again, NYT.


noise said...

Indecisive and weak huh?

So the insinuation is the Repubs are decisive and strong. One problem with that...the Repubs aren't in Iraq. As Murtha noted, they are making their "bold comments" in air conditioned buildings.

Furthermore, if unity means all Dems agree to sit back and let Bush Co. get more and more people killed...bring on the division, the conflict, the inter-party squabbling, etc...

lukery said...

indecisive, weak AND THEY DONT HAVE A PLAN

it's so annoying

Don said...

With all the 'war talk' by congressional Repubs being couched in 'game terms', would it be useful turn it against them, to point out that the game plan is written by 'armchair quarterbacks' while many retired 'players' (i.e. Murtha, Kerry) and 'coaches' (the Generals) are telling them they're full of shit?

lukery said...

right - and we could get a 'slay-by-slay' instead of a 'play-by-play'

and we could point to the SCOREBOARD