Monday, June 26, 2006

kos war

* TruthOut respond to the WaPo hit piece here:
"Jason Leopold categorically denies identifying himself as Joe Lauria."
* juan cole on the Sears Errorists:
"But contrast the grandstanding of Alberto Gonzales on this group of poor unarmed ghetto folk with the way in which the Robert J. Goldstein case was treated. He actually had the bombs in his house and was going to blow up Floridians. No press called him a "Jewish" terrorist and no questions were ever raised about his possible international links."
* david brooks called kos "Tom DeLay's moral doppelgänger". rawstory has the details. booman discusses. also see wolcott.

* atrios:
"undermining the credibility of the president is the best hope we have for improving the situation in Iraq and everywhere else in the world."

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