Thursday, June 22, 2006

"launch a preemptive strike North Korea"

* arkin:
"The South Korean government now is saying a North Korean missile launch is not an imminent threat. Pyongyang, meanwhile, is hinting that all it really wants is attention -- and to enter dialogue with Washington. The North knows it has a lot to lose.
I don't know which would be worse for the United States: an American shoot-down of a North Korean missile test, or an unsuccessful attempt to do so. The latter might remind the American public of the vast sums wasted on "defense," and provoke a discussion of the flawed strategy and policy behind missile defenses. That strategy assumes diplomacy will fail, and only our shield will protect us from irrational states."
* meanwhile, wapo:
"Former defense secretary William J. Perry has called on President Bush to launch a preemptive strike against the long-range ballistic missile that U.S. intelligence analysts say North Korea is preparing to launch."
read the rest, be scared.

* laura has more

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