Friday, June 23, 2006

lefties love zarqawi

* miguel was wondering what robert fisk said about zarqawi's death. here tis:
"What a sigh of relief there must have been in Washington that Zarqawi was dead and not captured. He might have told the truth."
* similarly, lindorff:
"So why did they kill (Zarqawi)?
My guess is that it's the same reason they killed Saddam's two sons: The U.S. is not particularly anxious to have these guys talking about what they know about the U.S. in Iraq."
* more from CP:
"Al-Zarqawi or his myth, whether incidentally or by design, has perhaps served as the greatest propaganda tool ever utilized by the Americans, months before the invasion of Iraq and most likely long after his passing.
Al-Zarqawi, or his myth has apparently outlived his usefulness. The Iraq conflict seems to be going in a new direction, though its success or failure is unknown. A new media menace will have to be concocted to suit new US policies in Iraq and around the region. Al-Zarqawi is dead; another al-Zarqawi is being born."
* more from CP:
"In any event, the killing of Zarqawi is far from being as simple as the media is portraying it. While everything we think we know about Zarqawi shows that he was a violent terrorist, it is not so clear that a military solution was the internationally legal one, or that the killing was justifiable under either international or domestic laws."
us lefties just love us some zarqawi

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