Friday, June 30, 2006

The majority opinion rejected the administration's claims

* bad days for Ney. most of his senior staff has resigned.

* nyt via jeralyn:
"Justice Stevens declared flatly that "the military commission at issue lacks the power to proceed because its structure and procedure violate" both the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which governs the American military's legal system, and the Third Geneva Convention.The majority opinion rejected the administration's claims that the tribunals were justified both by President Bush's inherent powers as commander in chief and by the resolution passed by Congress authorizing the use of force after the Sept. 11. There is nothing in the resolution's legislative history "even hinting" that such an expansion of the president's powers was considered, he wrote."
* btw - the decision was 5-3. ten bux says you can name the three with your eyes closed. (roberts wasnt playing)

* katherine harris claimed that Dems want her elected to senate. Dems disagree

* tpmm:
"A few weeks after departing the House of Representatives, Tom DeLay served as charity auctioneer at a fundraiser for Safari Club International, a gun-lobby group defending man's right to defend himself against unarmed animals."
* amy:
"Berkeley California has become the country’s first city to put a referendum on the ballot to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney."


calipendence said...

There's a difference between wanting a loser to win the Rethuglican nomination so that they can lose, versus wanting a loser like Harris to actually win the Senate seat. If she can't figure that out, it just proves her status as a loser.

oldschool said...

Has Clarence Thomas EVER been right - about anything?

lukery said...

katherine harris is a laughing stock

clarence thomas has been to the right of things before. does that count?