Thursday, June 29, 2006

Murdered journalists? Just wait.

* from a commentor at EW's place:
"Here's a speculative thought: they are currently fighting NYT over the publication of *another*, more damaging story, about to come out. They need to establish the bad faith of the Times."
(* larisa asked the same thing re Leopold: "What was Jason working on other than this story?")

* from tompaine:
"This is more than just an attack on perceived bias; this is demonization. Journalists have now been caricatured as a group of people who are siding with a fanatical, barbaric enemy. Once Americans believe that, it then becomes easy to support our arrest."
who else is on the list of demons?

let's look at a letter that was printed in The Denver Post this week :
"Why have those who have continually howled at our treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo met the recent kidnapping and sadistic and brutal murders of our two young soldiers with deafening silence?" the letter began. "Where is your outrage now?" It then stated that the U.S. "should" behead 100 prisoners in retaliation, as well as " editors, commentators, college professors and left-wing congressmen who would suddenly break their silence to come out in support of these enemy jihadists. We need to stop listening to these sanctimonious hypocrites who apply the rules of war only to our side."
I suspect we can add liberals, non-winger bloggers, darkies, and probably the 70% of americans who wanna get out of iraq. oh - and judges.

as athenae says:

Later on in the E&P story, Wolman (editor of Denver Post) says:

Wolman said he did not know what, if any, reaction the letter had prompted, but said, "I wasn't expecting anybody to be beheaded if that is what you are asking."

And you know, it's the hysteric in me saying this, the person who all day reads all this online hate and rage, but I'm saying it anyway:

Just wait.

Keep talking this way, keep the conversation at this level, with no resistance, no pushback, no lines drawn anywhere, and just wait."


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