Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Zarqawi applicants: contact Karl Rove

* warroom:
"Waas wondered if newspapers aren't steering clear of Plamegate because they feel "so conflicted, so compromised, so embarrassed" about their own roles in the case "that they hope it goes away.""
* mary at TLC:
"I spent sometime talking with Larry Johnson who told me that his neighbor, who is a high muckity-muck in one of the defense companies and a solid Republican has finally come to the conclusion that the Bush administration is dangerous. "These guys are little fascists." It's clear more and more people are seeing this. But it's definitely too bad our media continues to be so blase about this phenomena."

* miguel:
" I asked my uncle if he thought Zarqawi was a chimpanzee made out by the US military to be "King Kong". My uncle says he was more like a chipmunk than a chimpanzee.

I think Zarqawi was "real" only in the sense that there was a person with that name and face. He was a minor player at best but was built up into a "leader of the insurgency" for propoganda purposes.

I think he was knocked off because he had outlived his usefulness; as time wore on, it was going to become clearer and clearer the USG was hyping his role. Once the media started catching on to the game, he became more of a reminder of the deceptions that led us into war than a reminder of why the war was a "just cause" (to fight those nasty evildoers).

The only quesion now is: who is the US going to build up as the next Zarqawi? I think applicants should contact Karl Rove at the White House."

ftr, i still reckon that zarqawi died many moons ago.


romunov said...

Some even say he had a wooden leg. Yet he managed to escape many air strikes before.

They found some "women clothings" that don't give a lot to the imagination. I guess he was high in business back then. :D

lukery said...

romunov - that's right! his wooden leg story died the day he apparently killed nick berg.

i'm surprised they didnt actually dress him in a dress before they took the photos ;-)