Monday, June 12, 2006

No more yellowcake, aluminum tubes

* Larry Johnson on the plame panel at ykos:
"the cases that (Plame) was working on, as an operations officer dealt directly with efforts to identify and detect and influence - err - i guess, prevent - iran's ability to acquire nuclear technology"
hmm - i presume that was an innocent slip of the tongue. let the speculation begin.

* Guardian:
"Anyone who thinks blogging is over-rated should have looked at the guest list of power players who followed the blogging herd to Las Vegas to woo and be wooed by these latest additions to the political scene. Reporters and columnists from all the main newspapers showed up, as did Democratic strategists. Even potential Democrat candidates for the 2008 presidential election pitched up to network and sell their political wares to the online community."
* judging by this brief (1 min) vid of barbara boxer at ykos, it appears that she is pro-impeachment.

* pacificviews:
"(Harry) Reid just told us this evening that his legislation will require everything the Bush administration says about Iran to be monitored and backed up in writing. To be checked and verified. Reid said that "everything they say will have to be backed up by facts," though he added that he didn't expect the Bush administration would like that requirement much. No more yellowcake. No more aluminum tubes."
what a novel concept.

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Kathleen said...

I hope Harry Reid closes the barn door while he's at it. Did Santa bring him a weather vane?