Friday, June 16, 2006

not my definition of free speech

* juancole:
"Political scientists Stephen Walt, Robert Art and John Mearsheimer were warmly welcomed at the US Naval War College, despite the fact that they pulled no punches on the Iraq fiasco. They told cadets seeking a way forward in Iraq that there are no good options, that things could get even worse, and that we are faced with Camus's The Plague. They nevertheless got a warm round of applause. Unlike Cheney and Rumsfeld, real military men want to be told the straight reality of things. Bravo."
* for those following the lie debate about whether iran really wants to wipe israel off the map. see here

* calipendence:
"I vote that the day this (flag burning) thing passes, we all find a huge burning flag animated gif and we feature it on the front web page of people's sites EVERYWHERE! What are they going to do, ban animated gifs of flags burning too? If they go there, then I wonder how many video games will have to be pulled of the shelves, etc. Idiots!"
i'm up for that.

* meanwhile, here's DiFi in march 2000:
""No other emblem or symbol in our nation carries with it such a specific code of conduct in it's protocol for display and handling," Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) countered. "Why then, should it be permissible conduct to burn, desecrate or destroy this symbol, this monument, this national symbol? That's not my definition of free speech.""
* arkin:
"My guess then is that amnesty for those who have attacked U.S. forces could also be the first real test of U.S.-Iraqi relations, and the ultimate source of great tension."
* amy:
"Meanwhile, lawyers for the detainees who committed suicide have criticized the U.S. military for taking nearly three days to inform them of their clients’ deaths. The military initially claimed none of the men had legal representation but later realized their mistake."
oh, the 'irony'.

* amy:
"In other news from Guantanamo, the US has announced it will soon extradite all 96 Afghan detainees currently held at the prison. The group includes several suspected Taliban officials. The detainees will be returned to Afghanistan where they will either be released or face trial."
wow. good news for torturemonth (presuming that it's true)

* americablog:
"The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll had Bush "surging" 1 point -- all the way from 36% to 37%. This morning, Matt Lauer was incredulous that the numbers for Bush haven't spiked. The media is waiting for -- and pushing the narrative that there will be -- a Bush surge. The American people, who, unlike the media, grasp that Bush has lied to them about Iraq many times, aren't giving him one"

* george will (!):
"It is sometimes charged that journalism, which considers the phrase "good news" an oxymoron ("We don't report the planes that land safely"), is missing the good news from Iraq. But so pervasive is the violence, and hence so dangerous has Iraq become for journalists, that the Wall Street Journal, hardly a hostile observer of the U.S. undertaking in Iraq, thinks the bad news might be underreported."


Don said...

The detainees will be returned to Afghanistan where they will either be released or face trial."

wow. good news for torturemonth (presuming that it's true)

The people who were going to execute a ex-Muslim convert to Christianity, in one of the nations to which the US was extraordinarily rendering its own prisoners.

I'm not filled with optimism on this.

lukery said...

"I'm not filled with optimism on this."

me either - but it's a helluva start.

rimone said...

i wonder if DF would be interested to know that the preznit hisself has been signing his name on flags (don't have it hear but caught the photo over at firedoglake the other day). i mean, writing on the flag w/a damn pen is like 'desecration' of some sort, right?

as well, i remember back in 88 or 89 (i think), one of the other times this bullshit flagburning thing came to the fore. the NYT had an editorial centreing on how US stamps showing the flag were 'desecrated' every time the stamp ran through the post office's cancelling machine (i'm just saying).

lukery said...

actually - that photo that FDL recently published - i published it a couple of times previously - maybe a year ago, and perhaps 2 years ago.

i got the weirdest traffic to the site - from all manner of weird freaked out places!

Kathleen said...

Since the only proper way to dispose of a flag is to burn it, now what? Should we stuff it in the garbage?

It's downright amusing watching the so called Pundits on the lack of Dopey's surge. I remember during Bill Clinton's Mid life Monica Mess, how non-plus-ed the press was, when everytime they released some devastating detail, Clinton's numbers failed to drop. They thought WE weren't getting it. Exactly how does one qulaify to be a "Pundit' anyway?

Don said...

Exactly how does one qulaify to be a "Pundit' anyway?

I've begun to lump them in with the long line of non-expert experts in society.

Expert: someone who knows 1001 ways to make love but has never actually been with a partner.

rimone said...

Kathleen: Exactly how does one qulaify to be a "Pundit' anyway?

kneepads help. fuckers.

lukery said...

"Exactly how does one qulaify to be a "Pundit' anyway?"

apparently being pro-war helps a lot.