Monday, June 05, 2006

the omnipresent poo smell

the drifter:
Lacking even the sense God gives dust bunnies, the Base are apparently congenitally counterprogrammed to refuse to see that that meatpole that impales them more and more viciously year after year after year protrudes from the fetid loins of the criminals they keep electing to office.

Year after year after year.

And yet like the omnipresent poo smell they whiff everywhere without a single synapse firing off to tickle them into wondering if that stank-they-cannot-shake has anything to do with the fact that upon rising each day they make their morning toilette into their own too do they have just enough active nerve ganglia stitched into their body flesh here and there that while they are apparently incapable of comprehending the True Name of their tormentor (even though he is right behind them), they do notice that their ass hurts one helluva lot.

So they need someone to blame.
Hence Flag Burning and Gays are now, at this eleventh hour, frantically kicked into the national dialogue. A teeth-clenched, nose-held, eyes-clamped-shut pity-fuck desperately offered up to the fanatics on whom Republican victories now always depend. Fooling no one. Insulting everyone.

And from a distance, I must admit it is just damned funny watching the pea-brained homunculi on which the GOP has built its entire Party throw an electoral tantrum whenever the GOP leadership takes even the weakest imaginable stab at actually governing.

Like watching the ass-end of a mad dog trying to steal a bone out of its own mouth.
i coulda quoted the whole thing. go read.

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