Sunday, June 04, 2006

regarding the rumours that bush is shagging condi, i can happily note that:
a) im glad he is getting laid
b) im glad she is getting laid
c) i hope that one or both of them subscribes to the 'make love not war' meme
d) i'm glad i'm not either of them
e) i hope there's no offspring


Don said...

Holding my nose and fighting the gag reflex for a moment, let's dissect this. If true:

-Bush is violating the marriage vow by having an affair
-He's doing it with a black woman.

Well, that's it then, kiss the south and the radical religious right goodbye...

(I'll forego the question of the use of birth control to piss of the Catholic League, 'cause, well... ewwwwwwwww!)

lukery said...

i love the idea that the repugs (dick morris) are floating the idea that the next president might be a single black female.


Kryten42 said...

All I can say is...

Amen to that!


PS. I guess it does make sense in a twisted way...

I mean, what with Bush loosing his 3 (possibly 4) other playmates.

Gannon, Scotty, Rove and Peanut... I am sure he will miss Peanut the most. Bush almost had a tear in his eye as he sent little peanut off to College. *sigh* Ain't love grand? ;)

I guess Bush has decided to swing the other way for a change.


Miguel said...

i don't think the story is true. I'll bet Blinky is too knocked up on booze and drugs nowadays to think about women very much(or even farm animals, for that matter).

calipendence said...

Well, if by some unfortunate chance of fate we get Condi running against Hillary in the coming election, AND these rumors are true. We'd then be guaranteed of having a woman president with a former president in tow... ( or as Bush would say/spell that line... "in toe...")

Kathleen said...

You guys are behind the times. Check out WMR today and it reports a number with Victor Ash. I don't think what's going on with Condi will fit into what one would call love.

I have thought for some time now that after the midterm elections, assuming we have them, that Darth Cheney will have himself a convenient health event, resign, book it back to Hallibrton to rake up more bucks and Condi will slide into the VEEP spot so she can run as an incumbent. I don't think Dopey wants any other white male parking his buns in the Oval Office until Jebby's ready. On the odd chance that Condi wins, she definitely knows who's her Daddy and will step down to make room for another member of the royal family.

damien said...

Somebody should start up the Victor Ash Party and run candidates in every seat in Nov. Their sole policy would be "don't ask, don't tell".

lukery said...

miguel - blinky is a Goose-stepping twelve-stepping Tetotalitarianist. so i guess that means he doesnt drink. or eat pretzels.

kathleen: "...what one would call love"
correct - its more properly called beastiality. blinky is an animal

calipendence - we could give bush a badge calling him the First Man - and he'd be really proud

lukery said...

damein - perhaps incurious george should run on a platform: dont ask

Don said...

Y'know, one question just occurred to me and it should have been asked long before this:

Has she blown him in the Oval Office?

lukery said...

don - good question - it depends what the definition of 'in' is