Tuesday, June 20, 2006

rev. moon

* clemons' site is back up. he points to this - a bad video of connie chung singing, torturedly. i dont really know her. but given that she sings about 'mori' and skid row, and given that one of the legal guys re torture is called "Mori"... i thought she was talking about real torture. or maybe i just need to get a life...
(apparently mori is her husband?)

speaking of torture and cronies et al - the nyrb has a long piece (of course) about berlusconi (i havent read it) - and similarly, parry has a long piece about rev. moon that i also havent read. i suspect i should read both when i get two minutes some spare time. both are apparently creeps.


Anonymous said...

Interesting link mentions how Connie and Maury were pimping for the Dubai ports deal:


rimone said...

both are apparently creeps.

you don't know about the coronation in march 04 in the Dirksen Senate building? moons and bushes go way back.

fuckers all.

lukery said...

thnx anon.

rimone - yeah - i'm familiar with the coronation. trippy