Sunday, June 11, 2006

"See? We're not lying. This time."

* josh:
"True whackjob: Rep. Curt Weldon says "the jury is still out on" whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction."
* welson also said:
"If you’re being paid as a military leader, you ought to have the backbone to stand up for what you believe in."

* jeralyn:
"Killing Zarqawi and three women in the house with him was not an act of war. It was an act of retaliatory terrorism. By our government. And I don't want it to be in my name. Even if he was, as we're told, the devil incarnate. Violence begets violence. It's time for the war and the killing to stop."
* foraTV has the plame panel from ykos - free registration req'd. also, mamyaga left this cspan link, but i couldnt get it work.

* rudepundit:
"But at least it frees up some troops from Zarqaqi-huntin' duties. For, as Bush told us in September 2005, U.S forces were going to "focus on hunting down high-value targets like the terrorist Zarqawi." And, as he told us in December 2005, American forces are concentrating on "hunting down the high-value targets, like the terrorist Zarqawi." And, as he told us in March 2006, American and "coalition" forces" are hunting down high-value targets, like the terrorist Zarqawi." Sadly, Bush will now have to learn to pronounce a new Arabic name to make up for the death of his faux arch-nemesis.

But, oh, that is the future, and the present is the image of the Zarqawi Corpse, so very dead - see him? He's dead. Maybe the pictures aren't just bloodlust and craven exploitation. Maybe showing the Zarqawi Corpse so prominently is one way for the Bush administration to say, "See? We're not lying. This time.""

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